Also with PARTcommunity the principle applies, that all good things go by 3(.0)

CADENAS 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity offers numerous improvements and convenience functions in the most current version 3.0

Since January CADENAS’ PARTcommunity 3D CAD download portal is online in version 3.0. The new version boasts many new convenience functions, making it even easier and faster to find parts.

More adaptability for portal providers

The assistants feature at PARTcommunity 3.0For eCATALOGsolutions customers with a PARTcommunity download portal, the newest version offers multiple improvements. Now it is possible to create filters and calculation assistants in your own design without any programing efforts, which can also be made available in an app. The assistants feature a process oriented workflow, directly showing the search results and a suitable selection of parts.

Moreover, specific catalogs for individual end customers (groups) can be displayed. For instance, a catalog can be created, including only automotive parts for car manufacturers, which is also equipped with the respective ID numbers of the car manufacturers.

WebGL 3D Visualization

One of the most apparent innovations is the WebGL 3D visualization, completely based on HTML 5: The download portal PARTcommunity can Display 3D objects directly in the browser without requiring additional extensions such as ActiveX, Java™ or Adobe Flash®.

Web GL 3D Visualization at PARTcommunity 3.0This innovation is especially convenient for Firefox and Chrome users, since the newest versions of these browsers block most plugins by default for safety reasons, as the trade journal Heise reported. At the same time, the portal remains backward compatible and allows using the present Active X Viewer. Furthermore, users with older browser versions can still access electronic manufacturer catalogs.

The focus is on the search feature

The focus continues to be on the search feature of PARTcommunity, not only with regard to the design: Via drag & drop, the 3D CAD model files can now be entered via the geometric 3D search feature for comparison. Thus it is no longer necessary to tediously navigate through data files and the user finds similar parts to the entered example even faster.

Auto-completion of the full-text search at PARTcommunity 3.0The full-text search is now equipped with an auto-completion feature, which allows a quicker overview over possible search terms, even before the search is carried out.

There were also little design changes of the search results which offer an improved overview. The entered search terms are highlighted yellow in the results and when scrolling, the table description remains visible all the time.

Persistent advancement

Highlighted entered search terms at PARTcommunity 3.0The new update is only another step towards a long series of persistent advancements, where CADENAS has been adjusting the 3D CAD model platform according to the needs of the users and continues setting new trends. The free download portal – released in 1998 under the name PARTserver – has been constantly extended with innovative features. The vision CADENAS pursued when founding the download portal has, however, stayed the same: To bring engineers to the desired components faster and easier.

You can find CADENAS new 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity at:

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