CADENAS Hits Record 86 Million Digital 3D Parts Downloads in 2013, Driving Billions in Manufacturer Sales

CADENAS sets the curve with another year of unprecedented growth. Users downloaded 86.4 million digital 3D parts from over 400 electronic product catalogs, with monthly downloads ranging from 7 to 8.5 million. This consistent upward trend puts CADENAS on pace to surpass the 100 million download mark in 2014.

These downloads represent billions of dollars in revenue generated by component manufacturers worldwide, using the CADENAS PARTcommunity to “pull” sales of their component parts through the end-user’s design process.

24/7 Access to Millions of Digital 3D Parts

CADENAS creates digital product catalogs and online CAD configurators for industrial manufacturers. This technology enables manufacturers to better serve their customers by providing native models of their products for use in design and planning applications. Manufacturer components are available via several avenues. These include embedded configurators on the manufacturer’s home page and from PARTcommunity online portals where engineers access digital parts data from CADENAS' partner manufacturers.

The popularity of PARTcommunity is has been building for the last decade with rapid upward growth as the demand from engineers and designers for standard supplier parts increases. Engineers and designers use the PARTcommunity portal to select 3D CAD components, anytime and anywhere to import into their CAD system. All files are available in the user’s respective native CAD format, making a seamless transition to their design environment. Design accuracy is significantly improved when designers source models direct from the manufacturers. All of the models are free of charge for users. Manufacturers create and maintain the content, and consumers can just “grab and go” with the parts they need.

Increasing Visibility Thanks to Embedded Technology

Another reason for the strong increase of part data downloads is the CADENAS embedded technology. Manufacturers have been able to seamlessly integrate their catalogs into the design of their own web pages. Users can find, configure and download the parts they need, directly from the manufacturers pages. Thanks to this groundbreaking technology, which includes availability of mobile apps and the addition of various intelligent search functions, PARTcommunity has become an invaluable tool for millions of users; and a proven marketing, sales and customer service tool for manufacturers.

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