CADENAS Solutions Forum 2010

On Tuesday May 25th 2010 the annual CADENAS Solutions Forum took place in Bologna at the Ducati Auditorium.

The main topic of this meeting was the analysis of the costs caused by the management of duplicate parts. The CADENAS Italiana Team presented the whole CADENAS' product and services portfolio for the optimization and standardization of the parts master files.

The CADENAS Italiana Team thanks all those who took part in the event and will reinstate the meeting next year.



CADENAS Solutions Forum 2010
Renato De Laurentis, Giorgio Clari, Angelo Maida, Luca Borghi,
Eugenia Ronchi. Elisa Rebecchi, Ivan Saltini, Marco Lugli.

Some comments by the participants

  • Franceschi Loris - Gearsoft
    My evaluation of the presentations is absolutely positive thanks to the speakers who explained the different topics clearly and thoroughly, demonstrating their deep motivation and qualification. My compliments also for the location, the catering service and the perfect organization which all crowned a very positive day.
  • Ganz Dario - Nemetschek
    I became acquainted with the CATALOG CARD and the rich service portfolio dedicated to design, however above all, I was highly impressed by the effective geometric search. The final visit to the Ducati Factory and to the Ducati Museum left me with an unforgettable memory.
  • Minoccheri Fabrizio - Wam
    A very interesting day for both the presentations and the chosen location.
    Thanks again for your hospitality at the Forum.
  • Beretta Davide - Unimec
    Thanks to all of you for the excellent hospitality and organization of the event. The presentation was full of information, but the reported case histories about large companies that have optimized their organization thanks to your products, should be analyzed in relation to the medium-sized Italian companies, where the technical departments are not able to devote their attention to such large management reorganization projects, due to the lack of personnel. From this point of view, Unimec will bear in mind the learned information and we will contact you (as already mentioned to Mr. Lugli) in order to evaluate the situation of the current company management in Unimec and how CADENAS' products may be implemented. I wish to thank you again for the event and the kind attention.
    Best regards.
  • Castello Matteo - Teknosystem
    On behalf of my colleague Mr. Menegotto and myself, I wish to thank you again for yesterday's meeting: interesting, informative and great for motorcyclists… fantastic!
  • Negroni Maurizio - Sacmi
    The day was very interesting and well organized; especially the part regarding the explanation of the geometric search was great and will be surely taken into consideration by those who have understood its potential. As Sacmi, I confirm that there could be a development in the current Cadenas' architecture already implemented in the group, which will complete the "commercial library" project.
  • Bocciolesi Antonello - OMAS
    I found your PARTwarehouse solution (duplicates reduction) very interesting as an effective help for design; in particular the use of the geometric similarity search has positively impressed me.
  • Cauduro Domenico - CMB Cilindri
    Excellent organization of the Forum, in particular the explanation of the CADENAS' product portfolio, very interesting was also the topic of the duplicate search.
  • Belluz Enrico - Bortolinkemo
    I give this event an absolutely positive assessment as it was very well organized. All presentations were very clear and thorough about the dealt topics. Personally, I would have liked to get more feedback from users such as ITG, with practical examples of the results achieved with your software solutions.

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