Develop new ideas with HiCAD 2014

CAD software HiCAD excels with parts4cad interface to CADENAS’ Electronic Product Catalogs

parts4cad interface in HiCAD by CADENAS

HiCAD, the popular software from ISD was now released in the new 2014 version. Among the highlights of the software are a tool for simulating moving parts functions and integrating Electronic Product Catalogs of CADENAS, the software manufacturer from Augsburg.

Find CAD models, integrate and check them for proper function

According to the slogan "Designing new ideas", the latest version of HiCAD allows access to millions of 2D and 3D CAD parts within the design environment. They come from electronic product catalogs of more than 400 renowned manufacturers, which are available through the parts4cad interface, integrated by CADENAS. Engineers and designers have access to 2D and 3D CAD models from all areas of the industry and no longer have to browse the website of each manufacturer for a certain part. All data is integrated as a web service. Thus, no additional installation is necessary and new catalogs and catalog extensions are available at any time without update.

CADENAS parts4cad Webclient

By remaining in the actual HiCAD environment, users save a lot of time and work, especially when creating parts lists. Due to integration from CADENAS electronic product catalogs, the called up parts are automatically equipped with all relevant information and provide a well-organized and technically complete list.

The simulation tool in HiCAD was completely revised and integrated into the HiCAD standard solution as well as all suites based on HiCAD solution. This way, imported parts can immediately be checked on their functionality. In doing so, the software tests how each part is moving and whether the movement can cause collisions. All simulations can also be exported as movie in AVI format.

Besides the simulation tool, HiCAD 2014 excels with improved stability and quality in detail. For instance, by introducing a parts based data retention, the performance in case of component changes has improved significantly.

No additional software installation is necessary for the new parts4cad interface. Instead, it is automatically available with service pack 1. License keys are available from all HiCAD sales partners.

Details about the new HiCAD version you may find at, more information about CADENAS’ electronic product catalogs, please visit

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