Direct link between PARTcommunity user and component manufacturers

Fast and simple request for quotation (RFQ) to manufacturer is frequently used

The new version 2.0 of CADENAS’ 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity for the first time offers the possibility to send RFQs for components directly to the manufacturer. After selecting the desired 3D CAD model in the download portal PARTcommunity, users directly access the RFQ form with only one click. Afterwards, all important information about the selected part, the requested amount and desired delivery date is submitted to the manufacturer.


The new feature RFQ, for the first time, allows a fast and direct information exchange between (prospective) customers and component manufacturers and thus makes the offering process a lot faster. Many users take advantage of the RFQ already in the first months after relaunching the PARTcommunity online portals.

The RFQ will soon also be available to PARTsolutions customers.

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