Drags, nuts and tites: Why conventional search engines are not always the best solution for engineers

PARTcommunity vs. Classic Search Engine Challenge: Why developers need specialized search tools

Technical vocabulary is not always identical to everyday terminology. How big the differences are is shown by the result of CADENAS' eChallenge „PARTcommunity vs. Classic Search Engine". Participants were to find parts for mechanical engineering in one of the big search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co. and then with a search via the 3D CAD Downloadportals PARTcommunity. Among all contributions, the funniest results were honored with a Silverlit Bluetooth Ferrari which can be remote-controlled via smartphone.

Supposedly akward

<Nuts> on Google and 3D CAD downloadportal PARTcommunityAdmittedly mechanical engineers work with a good number of components whose designation can be misunderstood in everyday life: Is the request for „nuts" comprehensible to the layman, a search for drags and tites could already cause a frown – at least if you only rely on the image search of the big search engines.

It is easy to see, when looking at what comes up, that very interesting search results appear that do not necessarily have anything to do with tites or drags. CADENAS congratulates the winner of the challenge in June, Bartosz Medyński, for these very succesful findings.

Specialized search functions in the 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity

<Drags> on Google und 3D CAD Downloadportal PARTcommunitySignificantly more helpful to a pro are the extended search functions of PARTcommunity. Besides the conventional full-text search, parts can also be found with sketches, model variables and comparisons with existing 3D CAD models. At the same time there is a choice of millions of different parts from more than 400 catalogs of renowned manufacturers.

Interesting use cases with eChallenges

<Tites> on Google und 3D CAD Downloadportal PARTcommunityThis competition is part of the Engineering Challenges which has been conducted by CADENAS since last November with changing cooperation partners. This way companies with an electronic CAD catalog have the chance to learn more about using their products and at the same time bringing them closer to the customers of PARTcommunity.

For further information about the organization of the Engineering Challenges please click here or write to Marketing@cadenas.de.

You can find the latest challenges under www.cadenas.de/challenges

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