Get away from cold calling – hot sales contacts for your distribution

Communication by CANVAS offers professional support for the acquisition of new customers

To generate useable sales contacts from download data, experience, sensitivity and lots of working effort is necessary. For eCATALOGsolutions customers of the 3D CAD model download portal PARTcommunity, CANVAS– a 100 percent subsidiary of the CADENAS group – offers an extensive solution, including the complete evaluation and processing of all downloaded data.

Get away from cold calling – hot sales contacts for your distributionAcquiring new customers is one of the most important but also most difficult areas in sales. Selecting and addressing potential new customers requires lots of time and above all a feeling for the right approach. Especially the time factor often ties up vital ressources that could be used more effectively in the actual core business. The biggest time guzzler is sorting out and identifying promising prospective customers. Eventually neither the best offer nor the nicest pitch will help if there is no demand at the intended audience.

Downloads alone are not sufficient

Basically download statistics are a good starting point to identify potential, interested customers. But this raw data is usually too extensive to base a reasonable acquisition strategy on it. To generate actually usable information from this data, intensive research is required. CANVAS offers companies an extensive solution: Trained employees analyse download statistics and select potential contact persons. CANVAS also takes over the first phone contact and further concentrates the selection on the most promising prospective customers. Instead of anonymous cold calling a targeted addressing of customers is realized.

15 years of marketing experience

CANVAS can refer to 15 years of communication work experience at the CADENAS group. The continuous growth and company success of CADENAS is not only owed to the excellent products of the software manufacturer from Augsburg, but also due to the close and intensive communication to partners and customers as well as the continuous growth of the company's recognition. CANVAS is now offering this successful service to catalog customers of CADENAS.

Besides acquiring new contacts and prospective customers for sales, CANVAS markets projects in a target-oriented way, is committed in telephone marketing and also opens up new business segments – all according to the customer's requirements and specifications. In doing so, CANVAS can draw on a great amount of existing customers and strong contacts. Moreover CANVA'S employees have many year's of experience in the application of technical information- and communication systems and thus guarantee order, oversight and topicality of the address databases.

International and successful communication has to be learned

tl_files/cadenas/images/news/2013_09_23_businessdevelopment.pngThe service is not only restricted to the DACH area, but also covers all important French, Italian and Chinese markets. Help at short notice for particular projects is also possible without any difficulty. Needless to say, that all received information is passed one-to-one to the customer. Due to the close connection to CADENAS, CANVAS has profound insights into the daily business of manufacturers, engineers and technicians. This way addressing becomes very targeted and effective.

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