3D CAD Product Catalog goes Facebook

How you as manufacturer should use Facebook a as good additional marketing platform!

1. Reasons that speak for representing your 3D CAD models on Facebook

Social Media and Facebook are very trendy at the moment and the number of Facebook users is increasing daily. More and more engineers and purchasers use the social network to exchange and get current information.

Social Networking

CADENAS is picking up on this trend and offers component manufacturers with the electronic CAD product catalog eCATALOGsolutions new functionalities to put the focus on your 3D CAD models on Facebook in a fast and easy way and thus address your target group.

2. The spotlight should not only be on your news but also on your products

eCATALOGsolutions is now offering you the possibility to integrate your CAD product catalog with only a few clicks directly into your Facebook company page. A page tab with a direct link to your product catalog integrated on Facebook is drawing the attention of fans to your 3D CAD models and helps them find to the CAD download quickly and easily.

CAD Produktkatalog direkt in Ihre Facebook Unternehmensseite integrieren

3. Get more likes through greater popularity

Become more popular in the Facebook Community when users share your Product Catalog via one click with their friends. This increases the popularity of your products even more.

„I like

Moreover, “I like" Facebook buttons can be integrated into your product catalog and your 3D CAD download portal PARTcommunity. Customers and prospectives thus have the possibility to present the product catalog as well as individual products on their Facebook page and recommend you to their friends.

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