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knowledge platform for engineersMore than 150 use cases have already been published on, the online dictionary for engi-neers under For all users this means more than 150 design ideas and food for thought for future product developments and streamlining., with many innovative ideas, is a platform for knowledge exchange in the engineering sector and streamlines the use of components in practice.


How do engineers profit from the online dictionary

  • Worldwide exchange of knowledge among engineers and manufacturers

  • Documentation of optimized product solutions and new design ideas

  • Engineering offices can share their engineering experience with industrial companies and incite their interest

  • Many ideas for extending the product portfolio of manufacturers

CADENAS awards best use cases with great prizes!

3D CAD Model at the CADENAS Engineering ChallengeIn numerous CADENAS Engineering Challenges, engineers also have the possibility to win interesting prizes with their personal use case.

Take part and win: Did you build CAD models from CADENAS manufacturer catalogs into your design or dis-cover these components in practice? Show us your most exciting use cases in the form of pictures or screen-shots and win great non-cash prizes!

Which potential is behind a challenge for manufacturers?

CADENAS Engineering Challenges is also offering component manufacturers the ideal possibility to find out the complete application fields of their products. You can also profit through the new application and combina-tion possibilities of your components you might have not even known so far and get ideas how to supplement and extend your product range.

Explore new marketing directions together with CADENAS and increase the attention for your products. Relate to the success of previous engineering competition and contact us via email under We gladly advise you with your Engineering Challenge!

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