Nippon Pulse Motor Achieves 900% Increase in Downloads with Digital Product Catalog by CADENAS PARTsolutions

Industrial Motor Manufacturer Uses Technology to Boost Customer Service and Sales Support

Nippon Pulse Motor (NPM), a company founded upon a concept of putting the customer first, has been building electric motors since 1962. Over the last 3 years, NPM has seen a 900% increase in downloads via their digital product catalog. Their business growth has increased simultaneously with an ongoing focus on customer service and technical support. Now, 50 years after their humble beginnings, NPM is using the latest technology to reach new heights. NPM marketing, sales and service have been inundated with positive feedback from their customers, regarding their digital product catalog by CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC.

NPM product catalog by CADENAS PARTsolutions

NPM is leading their industry with the finest digital product catalog available, utilizing CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC as the exclusive content provider. As part of the project, NPM has introduced 3D CAD models for its rotary stepper and linear servo motors, offering models for over 30 of product families in more than 150 formats. This simple tool has been a key driver in their efforts to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Formerly, customers in need of 3D models were required to call the NPM engineering department with their exact specs. An engineer would create the CAD model and manually send it to the customer. This cumbersome process was time consuming for the customer and the engineer, leaving little room for flexibility or adjustments to the product specifics once the model was delivered.

NPM is leading their industry with the finest digital product catalog available, utilizing CADENAS PARTsolutions as the exclusive content provider

Now, with their "self-service" digital product catalog, customers can quickly build the exact product they need, any time of day or night. Additionally, the digital product catalog generates the corresponding part number to accompany the product, simplifying the ordering process. Since 2011, downloads of NPM product models have increased more than 900% due to the availability of high quality 3D downloads on the NPM site.

Nippon's new digital product catalog and their ongoing focus on customer service is a driving force behind new customer acquisition. Hari Polu, President of Okos, a Chantilly, Virginia based manufacturer, recently switched to NPM from a competitive manufacturer because of their proven customer service track record.

PARTsolutions by CADENAS

"NPM customer service is not your traditional lip service, but appears to be in the DNA of the organization. The team is always approachable and their engineers act as an extension of our engineering team, effectively becoming a technology partner with us," said Polu.

"Their digital catalog technology, products and staff create an ideal organization to work with. I would strongly recommend NPM to any engineering firm that is looking for a company with great products and excellent after sales support."

Rob Zesch, President and COO of CADENAS PARTsolutions LLC is well aware of the positive boost a digital product catalog have for component manufacturers.

"These results are exactly what we expect to see when a manufacturer truly embraces digital product catalog technology," said Zesch. "Nippon Pulse Motor is receiving a lot of great customer feedback. We have seen these results time and time again. Positive feedback is a rare commodity; it's much more likely for someone to complain than to give high praise. When you remove barriers and make it easier for someone to do business with you, your customer service department will hear it and your sales will prove it was worth the investment."

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