Universal Air Filter Upgrades to CADENAS for Online 3D Product Configurator and CAD Download Technology

CADENAS PARTsolutions USA and Universal Air Filter (UAF), a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom air filters as well as EMI vents and screens, announce the launch of UAF’s online 3D CAD configuration modeling tool. UAF replaced their previous online configurator with the most advanced 3D CAD and online product design technology available, powered by CADENAS. With their new configuration platform and 3D PDF data sheets, UAF is able to improve the customer experience and better meet the needs of their customers by providing them with the latest tools and technology.

Video: Click here to see a quick video of the UAF technology in action

UAF’s new digital 3D CAD modeling tool gives design engineers the ability to quickly access and configure the exact product they need, preview it in 3D and instantly download the CAD model in more than 150 native and neutral formats. Having access to this high-quality product data and CAD models significantly shortens design time. Rich visualization and real-time configuration capabilities improves the total customer experience. The new technology makes it much easier for engineers to “design in” UAF’s parts directly into their products.

“One of the key reasons we chose CADENAS PARTsolutions is that their core competency is online 3D catalogs, configuration and CAD modeling,” says Dan Krupp, Director of Sales & Engineering, Universal Air Filter. “Other solutions in the space are just add-ons or throw-ins and it’s not the core business of those providers. CADENAS PARTsolutions is fully committed to online catalog and CAD technology and services. They’ve built their business on their expertise and leadership in this area. This is what they do and we want to work with the best in the business.”

Another key factor in UAF’s decision to switch providers was the fact that CADENAS is the only solution on the market that enables output of CAD models in native formats, not just neutral or STEP formats.

“This enables us to best serve all of our customers, no matter what CAD system they are using. Being able to deliver high quality product models to any engineer using any system around the world is a big advantage for us – and our customers,” says Krupp.

Other CADENAS features that appealed to UAF included the ability to deliver 3D PDF data sheets on the fly and universal browser compatibility.

CADENAS PARTsolutions President Rob Zesch is accustomed to helping customers make the jump to more advanced online configuration platforms.

“It’s refreshing to work with companies like UAF, because they get it. They’re committed to providing the most advanced technologies and delivering the best experience and value to their customers,” said Rob Zesch, President, CADENAS PARTsolutions. “They know if they provide the best technology, tools and service to their customers, they will continue to win their business and pick up new business too. We’re happy to partner with UAF and are excited to see their growth.”

To use the UAF digital 3D configurator, visit www.uaf.com.

About Universal Air Filter

Universal Air Filter manufactures engineered air filtration and EMI shielding products used to protect commercial equipment and electronics enclosures. With exceptional design and application knowledge necessary to satisfy the requirements of increasingly powerful and complex equipment, UAF serves as a valuable supplier to global OEMs serving all types of electronics and industrial machinery end markets. Engineering design support and quick-turn, free custom prototypes are provided to engineer customers operating under ambitious product development cycles. UAF filters are engineered to address the challenges of heat dissipation, dust contamination, airflow control, fire safety, EMI shielding, and size limitations in crowded electronic enclosures. Products also satisfy the most stringent end market certification standards and performance criteria.

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